Mobil Tech Alp Tek 6500

Mobil Tech Alp Tek 6500

This well known range of ALP3 and ALP5 has been revised and updated. The new improved version of Alp5 is now AlpTek5500. The series also include an ALPTek 6500 with a lifting height of 6m50 and a weight capacity of 200kg.

Many improvements have been made including the KBS method of security, detachable winch handles in all cases, improved painting including black masts, and the option of interchangeable wheels for optimum movement.

All the features that made the ALP5 so popular remain such as a very low loading height and the unrivalled adaptability to uneven ground as well as the ease of assembly and use. All ALPTek stands are supplied with a spirit level attached.
Special attention has been placed on security. AlpTek stands comply with the German Health & Safety Standard BGV C1 is a must now for any public events in the European Community.
BGV C1, (previously VBG 70) is now Accident Prevention Standard for the Entertainment Industries. AlpTek Stands are tested and certified by:
What is the KBS System?

The KBS system is a method of stand security whereby a safety catch locates into a rail on each stand mast with every turn of the winch. To lower the stand this safety catch is released to allow a smooth lowering process. Additionally on each mast there is a secondary locking knob to prevent any movement or rotation.

• Health & Safety Standard BGV C1
• Mast top to attach security cables
• Safety friction brake
• Protected manual winch
• 4 castors for vertical movement
• 4 castors for horizontal transport
• Friction surfaces on nylon slider
• Wide and stable metal base
• Independent adjustable leg braces
• Usible on slopes and steps