SOKOLOV jeverly - step into the future

5 February 2015. in Congress-vystavochnoj hall "EXPOFORUM" (,Saint-Petersburg, Russia) held a Special event company "SOKOLOV jeverly" - "step into the future", prepared and conducted Arlecchino group, as part of the annual jewelry exhibition "JUNWEX". The main task of the Agency was to view a completely new concept of the traditional business functions to partners and customers "Sokolov jeverly". The concept proposed Arlecchino group was built on the visual and emotional manifestation of energy company "Sokolov jeverly" through graphics, scenic effects, the music and art of dramaturgy on the stage. The atmosphere of the business of the evening gave a special elegant interior and exquisite flower arrangements proposed Arlecchino group specially for the event , which helped change drastically the space of ordinary meeting rooms. A skilful combination of the best business tradition SOKOLOV jeverly" c integration into modern visual technology has attached special importance to the event and stressed the unique style of the famous jewelry brand.