September 20, VEGAS CROCUS CITY made a big SHOW-OPENING! Within the walls of exact copies of the legendary streets of new York city - Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Madison Avenue and 47th street was like something impossible: flash mobs, music, weddings, dances, discounts, and most importantly the long-awaited premiere. One of the main Premier of the day and most anticipated events was the presentation of the main arias legendary musical "the phantom of the Opera". After 17:00, thousands of people gathered on the red carpet in anticipation of their idols and stars of the new musical project VEGAS RU.TV "the SHOW IN VEGAS. On the red carpet under the jubilation of the crowd and under the flashes of cameras were Vlad Sokolovsky, Vera Brezhneva, Anita Tsoi, Vladimir Vinokur, GRA, Egor creed, Jasmine, Katya LEL, Stas kostushkin, Timur Rodriguez and others, and already 17:30 Sergey Kozhevnikov, General Director of "Russian Media" and Emin Agalarov, Vice President of Crocus Group, cut the red ribbon and presented another significant project - TV glass Studio RU.TV. Evening program literally blew VEGAS music! On 4 floors of the famous Rockefeller center gathered tens of thousands of visitors waiting for the music show RU.TV and their idols! Everyone who has not passed on the red carpet, even more frustrated applause in the hall, among them Timothy, EMIN, Elvira T, Vakhtang and other Company Arlecchino group provided lighting equipment for music shows.