Party zone MUZ-TV

Visitors of the shopping Mall Vegas could listen to the songs of favorite Russian artists at the disco Party zone MUZ-TV. The peculiarity of this event is to direct its broadcast at the TV-channel MUZ-TV. Guests of the trade and entertainment center are now twice a month on Sundays will be able to become participants of the show and live convey greetings to friends, to confess in love, to congratulate relatives. The company Arlecchino Group helped in organization and realization of this large-scale event by installing the most modern equipment. Smooth sound feed provided Meyer Sound Mica and Meyer Sound Milo, and light design of the TEC Vegas was performed with the help of Clay Paky Alpha Spot 1500, Shotlight Wash 1500, A.Leda Wash K20, Alpha Profile 1500, Mac 101 and Stagebar 54S Martin.