Denis Simachev

Display of collection DENIS SIMACHEV. The collection of a season the spring-summer 2005 which premiere has taken place in Florence during PITTI IMAGE UOMO has been presented visitors and journalists. Representatives of the major for the fashionable industry of mass-media became visitors of display in the Arena, and representatives of political, business and cultural elite, many of which are old friends and admirers of mark DENIS SIMACHEV. After four years of successful development of mark Denis Simachev, after displays of collections of Simacheva in Paris and Milan and occurrences of clothes from the Russian designer in shops of several continents, Denis declared the global plans of homecoming. All collections DENIS SIMACHEV bear a powerful print of national identity. The main colors of a collection: Russian - , reddish, snow-white, also black, gold, pink. The collection is distinguished by a combination of a pedantry and meticulousness of the last years with and a present practicality. at Simacheva - a subject of esthetic pleasure. Boots from a canvas, rubbed with a chalk, - a charisma embodiment. Trousers-klesh – object of envy and honoring of style of a criminal glamour. Traditional jackets, a sweater, , jeans jackets; vests, sweatshirts, trousers and shorts with a decorative embroidery, prints, silicone elements from a sports strip; leather belts, marching leather and cotton bags-holdalls, field caps, peakless caps as accessories; successfully beaten theme scarfs as a reminder on the native land - a rattling mix which forms an image of the new, modern Russian person.