20 November 2013 at Crocus City Hall saw a grandiose joint Russian-Italian setting legendary cantata "Carmina Burana". From Italy arrived in Moscow soloists and conductor of the "Arena di Verona" Marina , Manuel , Enrico Maria Marabelli and Marcello Rota. The Russian side was represented by the State academic Symphony orchestra of Russia. E. F. Svetlanov and chorus in the Moscow state academic chamber chorus headed by Vladimir Minin, the State academic choir Capella of Russia behalf ..Yurliv and Children choir "Spring". To fulfill a world masterpiece came on the scene more than 300 people. Performances of musicians and choir was accompanied giant and dazzling light effects, for creation of which was used equipment by Arlecchino Group. Laser and light scores fill the entire space of the auditorium, giving viewers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of mystical music.