May 9, on the Borodino field in celebration of the 69th anniversary of Russia's victory in the great Patriotic war was held a festive event, "I remember, I am proud of..." Celebration was organized State Borodino military-historical Museum-reserve. For all guests of the festival were organized soldier's porridge from the field kitchen, horse riding, children's Playground, a master class on decoupage and akvagrim, visiting the Museum of the battle of Borodino.

The program began in the morning in the Vladimir Cathedral of the Spaso-Borodinsky monastery with the commemoration of the fallen in the great Patriotic war, was held a solemn ceremony, devoted to the Victory Day.

In the second half of the day was a concert on the ground near the main exhibition of the Museum. In the concert took part ensemble of the airborne forces "Blue berets", group "City 312", Oleg Gorshkov and the "Dream". In the breaks between the performances and the whole evening was supported by the festive mood of the guests DJ Shen. Company Arlecchino group was festive concert program, as well as built Playground and provided equipment for the concert.